J-e-t-s wait what???

This is my first blog that I have ever written so just bear with me.  I will write about current sports news using my own opinion using facts to support my argument. So, with that out of the way here we go.
The Jets have been spiraling out of control for over a year now. It has hit rock bottom when defensive starters are overly criticizing and unjustly attacking the backup quarterback.  If you do not know the backup quarterback his name happens to be: Timothy Tebow only the most recognizable backup ever. What people seem to forget was he happened to have 6 4th quarter comebacks for the Denver Broncos that went 8-8 last year. The team was 1-4 and had given up on Kyle Orton completely. Tim Tebow went 7-4 in the regular season, won a playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers (#1 ranked defense).
Present Day, Tebow is sitting on the bench of a 3-6 dead in the water New York Jets team. The starting quarterback is Mark Sanchez, who helped guide them to two straight AFC Championship Games (2009-10 & 2010-11). The Jets defense took them to both AFC Championship Games leading the league in total defense in 2009 and were 3rd in 2010, which doesn’t hurt when your offense is ranked 20th in 2009 and 11th in 2010. In 2009, Mark Sanchez was a rookie with a rookie head coach (Rex Ryan), so the playbook was limited. They opened up the playbook in 2010 and it improved 9 spots from 20th to 11th. After the two playoff appearances the team started to go downhill. In 2011 two things happened the fall of the J-E-T-S and just someone called Tim Tebow??? Jets not only fell but they still have not gotten up and are disoriented. They started 2-3 while strife in the locker room caused them to lose a playoff clinching game against the Dolphins. While the Jets fizzled out after 2 straight AFC Championship appearances, Tebow took over a 1-4 broncos leading them to 6 4th quarter comebacks and a 8-8 record winning the AFC West. Tebow went on to beat the Steelers with a game winning touchdown pass in overtime, following that win they got destroyed by the Patriots.  Then traded to the Jets because the Broncos signed Peyton Manning
Enough with the past, this year’s Jets team is horrible, who would of known losing Darrelle Revis would have such devastating consequences, since this was going to be among the best in the NFL  according to HC Rex Ryan. So what has happened, well the team has turned on, in my opinion, a great quarterback in Tim Tebow. They use anonymous sources to say “ He is not a quarterback” and “Tebow is a horrible at practice.” To be honest I’ve never heard anyone winning a game in practice. I have seen Tebow resurrect the Bronco franchise last year. Mark Sanchez has been way worse than awful, in the last 16 games Sanchez has 25 touchdowns and 25 turnovers, while Tebow has 25 touchdowns and 15 turnovers. Tebow gets a bad rap of being a bad throwing quarterback, but he can throw the ball well enough to win. You do not have to be able to throw for 400 yards to win games you just have to move the chains and Tebow does that.
I constantly hear how Tebow is a bad quarterback; how he can’t lead a franchise and that he can’t throw at all. What kind of team mates verbally attack a backup quarterback that has hardly played. That team is the classless and disorganized Jets. This can only end one way the firing of Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan. Mark Sanchez is clearly not the answer at quarterback and Ryan is not a leader of men. Let this be lesson to all just because you can light it up in practice doesn’t automatically make you a great player.
This is the first of many blog entries and it will get better. Follow me on Twitter @T19Shaffer


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