Week 12 Turkey Day Match ups

The three match ups are Texans vs Lions at 12:30 pm Dallas vs Redskins at 4:30 pm Patriots vs Jets 8:30 pm
  The Texans vs Lions is going to be a matchup between a defensive power house in the Texans  and a pass heavy offense in the Lions. Titus Young is the Lions number 2 receiver is suspended for disciplinary reasons. That leaves Ryan Broyles as the number 2 receiver, which in my opinion is a good thing. Foster is having a little bit of down year averaging 3.7 yards between the tackles compared to 4.3 last year and 5.2 in 2010. Saying that the Texans are still ranked 6th in total offense and ranked 4th in total defense . Saying all that I have the Lions winning a shootout 31-27 Lions win.
   The Cowboys vs the Redskins is a big time game between arch rivals even though the Redskins have lost the last 6 on Thanksgiving. With a few key players out it may set for a Thanksgiving Day upset. Though these teams are dealing with injuries to key players this game should be an exciting slugfest with Romo out dueling RGIII 27-24 ‘Boys win.
    Pats vs Jets at 8:30 pm is going to be not as close. They played once already this year and Sanchez played pretty well,  but not well enough to win. Even without The Gronk I think Brady will torch this sorry jets defense. The jets will have two problems today: 1) They wont b able to move the ball effectively and 2) they wont be able to pressure Brady. This will be a massacre 49-17 Pats win.
  Stay tuned there will be a couple more blogs this weekend. Follow me on twitter T19Shaffer Thanks!!!


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