Denver Broncos
        The Denver Broncos are exactly what I thought they would be this year atop the AFC West. With arguably the best free agent pick up in Peyton Manning why wouldn’t you think they would be winning. Yes it’s a new team, new organization and new city but, it’s the same Peyton. They currently have a top 6 passing game led by, Demaryius Thomas with 900+ receiving yards. They have improved their defense significantly from in the 20s to now a top 10 defense headed by Von Miller, third in the league in sacks. Since they have the easiest remaining schedule they should finish either 12-4 or 13-3 with a first round bye in the playoffs. They will receive around the 28th pick and will draft Dallas Thomas Offensive Tackle Tennessee.

San Diego Chargers
        The Chargers have been a absolute disappointment this year. They were picked by many to win this division, because of all the talent they have on offense and defense. With a top 10-15 quarterback in Phillip Rivers they should be well above 2 games under .500 at 4-6. They added Robert Meachem, a product of Drew Brees in my opinion, to fill in the hole left by Vincent Jackson.  They have had some injuries on offense, but without a true number 1 receiver noone gets open very often. With a 6th ranked total defense they have been getting stops, but with their 24th ranked total offense they just haven’t been moving the ball. They will finish 7-9, Norv Turner should get fired, and have a mid teen draft pick with that their draft pick should be Jonathan Cooper Guard from North Carolina
   Oakland Raiders are in a sad state in football on the brink of a 11th straight non winning season. The Raiders are actually decent on offense this year, but their defense is horrible. They have talent on both sides of the ball, but talent doesn’t always equate to success. They have a quarterback in Carson Palmer that should hold up for another year or two, so getting him weapons is a priority if the Raiders want go win. They will finish this 5-11 and get a top 10 pick and with a top 10 pick they should draft Luke Joeckel Tackle at of Texas A&M.
Finally the Kansas City Chiefs they are in the cellar of the AFC West. They have no long term answer in quarterback or along that o-line. Their defense is solid and good enough to make the play offs if they had a offense. They will finish 2-14 and have the number one or two pick in the draft. With that high of pick they should trade it to lower 20th pick and a lot of draft picks. With a draft pick in the 20s they should draft Justin Hunter Wide Receiver from Tennessee.
That is all from the AFC WEST stay tuned in for more blogs follow me on twitter T19Shaffer


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