Week 12 in review

This week has had some moments of  ecstasy (Cam Newtons 4 td performance on MNF) and moments of atrocious play (Mark Sanchez fumbles after running into his own linemens butt).
The Pats vs Jets had both moments in it. Brady was great and the entire Jets team was just sad. Brady just picked the sorry jets defense apart and got help with their 5 turnovers. The Jets stood no chance after allowing 35 points in the second quarter and lost 49-19.
The Steelers decided not to play against the Browns and gave the ball up 8 times!?!?!?!?!? Yes 8 times. The Browns rookie Weeden made enough plays to pull the game out in an impressive win for him.
The Arizona Cardinals started this  off at 4-0 and have free falled to 4-7 after losing to the (3-6-1) St. Louis Rams by 14 points. The Rams rookie, Janoris Jenkins, had a nice welcome to the NFL present in two pick 6s.
There were actually some pretty close games that came down to the last seconds and even overtime. The Atlanta Falcons improved to 10-1 after narrowly defeating the Tampa Bay Bucs 24-23 by shutting down rookie sensation Doug Martin only allowing 50+ rush yards. The Bucs just could not stop Ryan from throwing the football at all and reinserted himself in the MVP discussion.
The late game Sunday was supposed to be a revenge game for the Green Bay Packers. The Packers were 15-1 going into the playoffs and got knocked out in their first game by Eli and the NY Giants. The Giants scored a td quick then Rodgers hit Nelson for a 60 yard bomb. At that point I was thinking my chances of winning this week in fantasy are over and this is going to be a shootout. Noone told Rodgers this because the Giants went on a 31-3 run and won by 28. Proving that the Giants are again a threat to win the Super Bowl.
Last nights MNF game between the Pantbers and Eagles was horrible to watch if you like defense. The horrendous defense of the Eagles allowed Cam to throw for 300 yards and 2 tds and rush for 50+ and 2 tds. This was a game for Cam to help prove he wasn’t a one hit wonder.
The top performers of my eye test for week 12 were: RGIII, Andre Johnson, AP, Tom Brady and Collin Kaepernick. Follow me on twitter T19Shaffer


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