Week 13 Thursday Night Football

    Week 13 starts off with a bang featuring the 10-1 Falcons and 5-6 Saints. This may seem like a mismatch but the Saints have won 11 of the last 13 in the rivalry. The last match-up was nothing short of what we have become to expect, a thriller down to the last heave. The Saints were able to deliver a goal line stand, with the ball on the one yard line and less than 2 minutes in the game. This game is expected to be even better this tine with both teams needing it to prove that a) the Falcons can beat the Saints and b) the Saints can make a playoff run. To me both are a little hard to see, I don’t know if the Saints are just in the Falcons heads, because Matt Ryan played lights out and they still lost. The Saints are 5-6 and would have to win out to even have a shot at a wildcard but if they do make it they will do damage.
  On a bright note the Falcons are getting Sean Weatherspoon back (who wasn’t active in the first game) he will be on Jimmy Graham most of the night. On a different note Asante Samuel is injured and may not play, if he doesn’t play it would open up the passing game for Brees which then would free up Graham.
I feel like this is going to be another shoot out type of game where both qbs throw for 300+ yards and 2-3 tds. The key to game will be which qb will turn the ball over first. I predict Atlanta wins 27-24 and player of the game will be Matt Ryan who will throw for 362 yards 3 tds and a pick. Follow me on twitter T@19Shaffer


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