Same old NCAA

   This College football season is almost over, but has just begun. Most teams are already done playing games and have started looking for a new job. Some of the biggest schools in college football have fired their coaches most notably Gene Chizik from Auburn and Derek Dooley from Tennessee. 

   There might be a  coach you may not know that has been fired his name is Jon Embree. Jon was the head coach of the University of Colorado. He was only given two years and in those two years he went 3-21, yes I know that is horrible. His predecessor Dan Hawkins was given a full 5 years of nothing but losing seasons before he was fired. This brings up the question why (pardon my expression) was his leash so short.  Is it because he is a black head coach in a predominantly white position.

   There have only been 41 minority coaches since 1979. That is an outrageous number and out of the 41 minority head coaches only one has had another chance to be a head coach again and that is  Tyrone Willingham. There are conflicting ideas about why minorities are only given one chance and why that chance is so short. Some people believe that the reason is strictly based on the color of their skin and not necessarily based on their knowledge of football. Other arguements are that they just are not successful as head coaches which to some point I agree with. They are given a chance though not a long chance and they usually fail.

  There is a epidemic in the NCAA and that is the lack of diversity in the administration positions; such as University Presidents, Athletic. Directors and Conference Commissioners. As of 2012 there were only 16 black coaches out of 120. In leadership positions such as, University Presidents, Conference Commissioners and Athletic Directors. 91% of the University Presidents are white, 88.4% of all Athletic Directors were white, All of the Conference Commissioners are white.
What these numbers tell me are that there diversity is no where close to being where it needs to be to be equal. There will never be equal consideration for black head coaches if there isn’t equal opportunity in the administration fields.

   I heard a great quote on ESPN First Take “These white presidents and white boosters like to take these white head coaches to the country club and hang out.” This is the thing that I don’t know will ever change. I think that there are so many qualified minority coaches that haven’t got a chance because of their skin color.
In my opinion there needs to be a Rooney type of rule that forces schools to interview minority coaches. They don’t have to hire these minority coaches but it puts their name out there, so next time a team needs a coach they will remember him and hopefully hire him.
This is somewhat controversial but the longer people don’t want to talk about it the longer the problem will exist.
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