Week 13 matchups

Here we go with my week 13 predictions:

Jaquars vs Bills- this is not a battle of great teams its a battle of a very bad team and a team vastly underpreforming. Bills win 28-24

Seahawks vs Bears- This is a marquee game of the week a great pass defense in the Seahawks and a turnover machine in the Bears. This may be the last game with Sherman and Browner due to suspensions, so I expect a dominant performance. I still believe that the return of Jay Cutler has put this
team on a great run. Bears win 27-14.

  Colts vs Lions- Colts are one win shy of getting most wins for a rookie of 8. The Lions have reverted back to the old Lions of disappointing fans. I have the Colts actually winning a road game 31-23.

Vikings vs Packers- The Vikings have went from a legit threat to a team solely relying on AP which is easy to defend against. Rodgers is going to be anger about getting embarrassed last week against the Giants. I have the Packers rolling over the Vikes 35-13.

  Texans vs Titans- The Titans have come on as of late with the return of CJ2K and Jake Locker. The Texans are coming off two straight overtime games and will be ready to finish one off in regulation. Texans win 30-10.

Panthers vs Chiefs- This coming off the tragedy Saturday will either come out firing on all cylinders or will have shut it down I’m leaning on them shutting it down. Carolina’s Cam Newton hasn’t thrown a INT in a couple games and looks to continue that against the Chiefs. Panthers win 28-10.

  49ers vs Rams- This is grudge match from their infamous tie game a few weeks ago. Bradford will not have time to throw this time. I believe Kaepernick will take a step back from his previous performances. With Karl’s struggles the 49ers will run a lot and control the clock and pull the game out 24-13.

Patriots vs Dolphins- The Pats are firing on all cylinders and will not miss a beat in this game. Brady should pick apart this defense, that will be on the field a lot since Tannehill has struggled lately. Pats win easily 45-14.

  Cardinals vs Jets- The Jets will probably struggle to score points again this week against a defense that made Matt Ryan look bad. My head says Jets will pull this one out but my heart says I want the Jets to lose every game until they put Tebow in. I will go with my head and say Jets win 21-15.

  Bucs vs Broncos- Peyton should easily throw for 300-400 and a couple td passes against this awful pass defense. Doug Martin struggled last but I believe that was just blip not a trend. Doug has another great game and upset the Broncos 27-24

  Browns vs Raiders- This game is likely going to be effected by the weather so the passing game will be harder to come by. This match up will come down to the match up at RB: The Rookie Trent Richardson vs Run DMC and Marcel Reece. Run DMC hasn’t played in a few weeks and should be rested. This is a game that will show me whether he is RUN DMC or just Darren McFadden. Raiders win 17-14

  Bengals vs Chargers- This Chargers team has mailed it in for the year. I have given up on Phillip Rivers, Ryan Matthews and Norv Turner. Dalton has been on a hot streak and will continue it this week against a defeated defense. Bengals win 27-14

  Ravens vs Steelers- The Steelers are without Big Ben again this week and will have “Charlie Batch” again this week so the Ravens defense will feed off him and the lack of throwing threat. Flacco shows why he’s a very good qb and wins 27-13.

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