The AFC North Pole

The AFC North  is one of the best divisions in all of football year in year out. The members of the division are: Ravens, Steelers, Bengals and Browns.

1) Baltimore Ravens are and have been for 10+ years a strong defensive team. They have transitioned to more of an offensive team this year with Ray Rice leading them. They are 9-3 so far this year. This team has been hit hard on the defense with Ray Lewis tearing his tricep and possibly returning this year and Terrell Suggs tore his Achilles early this year in training camp and has since returned early, but was injuried in last weeks game. Suggs status is still unknown. This all being said this team is very flawed starting with this defense, it is depleted by injuries and is getting old quick. This offense is Joe Flucco my bad Joe Flacco or bust. They have steered away from Ray Rice as much this year. I fear this team will sneak into the playoffs and lose the first game. They need help on both sides and will look at the draft to help with a mid 20s pick they should draft ILB Alec Ogletree University of Georgia.

2) Pittsburgh Steelers are the class of this conference not just this division. They have win 2 super bowls in the last 7 years. The are consistently a dominant defense but with a lethal offense led by Big Ben Roethlisberger. With Ben likely coming back from injury this week this team looks poised to make a playoff run. I think they will run the table and squeak into the playoffs. With a late 20s draft pick they should pick a Safety either Kenny Vaccaro from Texas or Matt Elam from Florida.

3) Cincinnati Bengals are a young and up in coming team. They have a solid future very good Andy Dalton and a Top 3 Receiver in AJ Green and Jermaine Gresham on offense and a solid defense starred by Geno Atkins. The Bengals started off very slow but have been coming on strong these last few weeks. This team should compete for the division title next year. They need a few pieces here and there to translate into a perennial play off team. They should finish strong at 9-7 and get a late teen draft pick and should draft Dion Jordan Defensive End from Oregon.

4) Cleveland Browns are at an fork in the road do the stick with Brandon Weeden or do they go younger. I say they stick with Weeden and draft to compete next year. They have a pro bowl Left Tackle in Joe Thomas and a future stud Tight End in Jordan Cameron and a good young receiver in Josh Gordan. Their best defensive player is Joe Haden and is a cornerback. This team is 4-8 and will most likely finish with a top 6 pick this year and should draft Manti Te’o Linebacker from Notre Dame.
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