Top 10 Most overrated players of 2012 Revised

This a list of 10 players that I either thought of highly going into the year or have vastly under preformed this year.

10) Darren McFadden: Run DMC has been injuried most of his career, but I thought he would be able to stay healthy and for the first half of the year he did. Even when healthy he was in effective.

9) Malcolm Floyd: He was expected to be the man this with the forced departure of Vincent Jackson. He just hasn’t he drops balls or just plain misses them. He is 6’5″ receiver but mostly is just another guy on the field.

8) Larry Fitzgerald: I hate to do this because I love everything he brings to the table and this is why I put him this low on the list, but his numbers just don’t match what it should be. I know he has no quarterback at all but he has under 700 receiving yards and will likely be under 1000 yards and will be lucky to get 900 yards. I hope Arizona gets a quarterback soon or Larry will not put up elite numbers anymore.

7) Antonio Gates: All reports coming into the season was that he was healthy and in great shape. He had 3 good games in a 4 game stretch other than that he hasn’t done much of anything. I had him in the top 5 of tight ends going into the season. He has dramatically under performed.

6) Kevin Kolb: Remember when Kolb was supposed to be the real deal coming over from the Eagles. He struggled his first year in Arizona, he didn’t get any time to get any kind of relationship with his receivers. He has had this offseason and he still struggled and lost his job after he got hurt 6 weeks ago. His value with the Eagles was way more than how good he really was.

5) Sam Bradford: I know this is his third year in the league but he hasn’t gotten better in strides. He is accurate but doesn’t have great feel in the pocket and will make the mistake to lose the game. He has a solid run game and some young stud recievers. He was a much better college player when he had a stud offensive line. Without a great line he just looks like another guy.

4) Michael Vick: He has lost his job in Philadelphia because he had awful ball security and was injury prone. These same things have always followed him since his days in Atlanta. He has been in the league too long to be making the same mistakes over and over again. He will likely find another job next year but he just doesn’t deserve there are too many other deserving qbs.

3) Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart: This tandem of backs were paid a lot of money to help lead the Panthers and this year they averaging career lows in ypc average at about 3.5. They have halted Cams development because teams don’t fear the run anymore. They need to get it together this offseason or it might be time to get rid of one of them.

2) Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel: This has to be the worst quarterback tandem I can remember. Neither one of them is worthy of starting in the NFL. They are both inaccurate and turn the ball over a lot. They have combined for 2 wins this year. Both these qbs need to be looking for somewhere to be a back up next year.

1) Mark Sanchez: This guy is the worst starting quarterback in the NFL. He consistently makes the same mistakes. He is inaccurate and is a bad leader. He shouldn’t be a backup in the NFL. He has been to 2 AFC championships but lost both and was mostly carried by his defense. After those two trips to the AFC Championship he has went down hill and been pampered by this pathetic organization. Most quarterbacks take steps forward but he has gradually took steps back.

1a) Phillip Rivers: Rivers has been in the league entirely too long to be allowed to make these mistakes consistently. He has 25 turnovers this year and only 18 passing touchdowns. He has been labeled as an elite qb and the last two years has proven to me that he has fallen from elite to just good. He is 10 steps behind the other two qbs in that draft class.


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