Sick and Tired

This blog is going to be a vent issue about Tebow. I have to often defend him against unnecessary attacks, most of which I don’t believe are football related, he is a very vocal Christian.
I know I mention him a lot on twitter and such, but I just feel like someone has to defend this man. This is how I feel, he won the first 7 of 8 starts, after the Denver Broncos started 1-4 and were 4-14 in the previous 18 games that Orton  started. Their defense was ranked 20th overall and 24th in scoring defense. They quit on Kyle Orton and themselves. Then Tebow was given a chance and all he did was win 7 of 8 and get this team the AFC WEST division championship. Once in the playoffs Tebow threw the game winning touchdown pass against the number one defense, in the Pittsburgh Steelers. They had to play the Patriots next and got smacked in the mouth. Next thing you know Broncos sign Peyton Manning and trade Tebow to the New York Jets. I was under the impression that he would have a fair chance at the starting job. Boy was I wrong, now I know Rex Ryan had no plan to ever start him. When he finally puts him in he pits him in situations that make Tebow look bad.

Now all I hear is how Tebow can’t throw, Tebow can’t win, Tebow isn’t a “real” qb. I’m hear to say I’m sick and tired of hearing these lies. I have seen him throw the ball good enough. That’s what he does he throws it good enough to win. He will lead a team to victories. He may not look the prettiest or have the best stats but he will make THE pass to win a game. I have all the faith in the world that he can and should be a starting quarterback in this league. I HAVE SEEN HIM WIN WITH A SUB PAR TEAM! People always say he can’t throw he isn’t accurate enough. Then u obviously didn’t watch him because when the game was on the line he got more accurate.

My biggest problem is the fact that Phillip Rivers never gets brought up when he is having his second straight really bad seasons why can he be a starter in the NFL and Tebow can’t? Is it because he is a traditional quarterback or a drop back passer because he has been a disappointment in his career, he could never win the big game. So, I ask these people would you rather have a guy who will throw for 3500-4000 yards 25 tds and 15-25 turnovers or a guy who will get you around 3500 passing and rushing yards 20+ tds and less than 15 turnovers. They always answer the first guy which frustrates me. Just because you are a traditional quarterback doesn’t automatically mean you are better. Tebow isn’t and never will be a traditional quarterback. He runs the spread option and if he is given a team to run he can make many great things happen. The perfect situation is Jacksonville where he is from and would rejuvenate that franchise. Someone just needs to give him a chance.

I apologize for another tebow blog but I’m just sick and tired of the hatred I hear about him.

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