AFC East Empire

The AFC East is made up of the New
England Patriots, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills. I will break this division down and give my draft advice for each team.

1) New England Patriots have had a strangled hold on this division for 10-12 years now. With 10 division titles in the last 12 years is astonishing.  They are 9-3 so far this year and look to clinch the division this week against the 11-1 Texans. The Pats lead by Bill Belichick always draft really well and look to continue that this year when they draft Xavier Rhodes CB from Florida State.

2) New York Jets at 6-7 they have disappointed fans for two straight years. They are stuck with a mediocre quarterback in Mark Sanchez but owe him too much to get rid of him. They are lacking playmakers on offense and their defense is aging quickly. They are theoretically still alive in the playoff chase but I don’t believe they can make the playoffs. I think they will finish 6-10 this year and should cost Rex Ryan and GM Mike Tannenbaums job but probally wont. They will get a pretty good draft pick and if I was the Jets I would draft Johnathan Jenkins DT from University of Georgia.

3) Miami Dolphins are 5-8 and are looking towards next year. They have what they think is their franchise quarterback in Ryan Tannehill. I saw some signs of him being a legit starter in the NFL. I think they should be more improved next year if they make some free agent moves and draft well. They should finish 7-9 and get a mid round draft pick with that pick they should draft Justin Hunter WR from the University of Tennessee.

4) Buffalo Bills are 5-8 and have been a huge disappointment this year after all the money they spent in free agency this past off season. They have only one position that doesn’t need an upgrade and that’s running back with Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller.  They gave Ryan Fitzpatrick a huge contract and has not lived up to it and it might be time  to let him go. I believe the Bills will finish this season 6-10 and possibly a top 10 draft pick this year. They should draft Dee Milliner CB from University of Alabama.
This is the AFC East and the AFC South is next please follow and share. Follow me on twitter T19Shaffer


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