My Individual Awards for 2012 so far.

MVP- AP, Minnesota Vikings, has had the most impressive season I have ever seen. Not just stat wise but the fact that he is coming off a horrific knee injury late last. He wasn’t expected to be back til 100% for awhile this year if he even played most of the year. Do you think this physical freak is going to miss any time??? Nope and not only is he not going to miss time, he is going to just pick up where he was last year. He might break the all time single season rushing record if not he is just about guaranteed 2000 yards.

Defensive Player of the Year: Aldon  Smith, San Francisco 49ers, with 19.5 sacks so far and 3 more games he could break Strahans single season record of 22.5 sacks. Anytime a player is breaking a major record he has to be a serious candidate for an award
He may be a great player on a great defense but 19.5 sacks is ridiculous at this point in the season. Von Miller is a very close second.

Comeback Player of the Year: This award will come down to Peyton Manning or AP. I choose AP, Minnesota Vikings, just because Peyton sat out an entire year before coming back and AP missed 1 game last year. Both are playing at a very high level this year. I am just more impressed with APs performance this year.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Robert Griffin The Third, from Washington Redskins, will and should win this award easily. With the level of efficiency he is playing as a rookie it is ridiculous. I have Russell Wilson second and Luck third. RG3s team is clicking on all cylinders now and might make the playoffs if they do watch out NFC.

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Luke Kuechly from Carolina Panthers is leading the league in tackles is very impressive to me. I take into account tackles a little more than sacks. Luke is the best and most consistent defensive player on his team.

Coach of the year: Mike Smith from the Atlanta Falcons should be the Coty easily because they will finish with best record. I could see Chuck Pagono or Bruce Arians winning the award just based on the emotional vote.

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