AFC Southpole

The AFC South isn’t necessarily known as a powerhouse division but this year its appears that the the top of the division could be as good as any in the NFL. The teams in this division are the Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars. 1) Houston Texans- The Texans have only been in the league since 2002. They have only 3 winning seasons in their history, but they have 3 winning season in the past 4 years. They are primarily defensive team but can score in bunches. They are led by running back Arian Foster on offense and JJ Watt on defense. They have a top 5 defense and a potential top 5-10 offense if utilized correctly. The Texans are 11-2 mostly because their defense has shut everyone down, but the loss of Brian Cushing has been huge and this defense hasn’t been the same since. This team will most likely finish 13-3 but will lose in the divisional round to either the Pats or Broncos. They will have a late first round pick and should draft Johnthan Banks, Cornerback from Miss. State.

2) Indianapolis Colts- The opening kickoff was the only thing that happened last year that was any good was the season ending. They let go of Peyton Manning the greatest player to ever wear a Colts uniform. They drafted the closest thing to Peyton in Andrew Luck. Everyone, including me, thought that a good Colts season would be 6-10. Boy was I wrong they are 9-4 and looking like a serious playoff contender. I will be the first to admit I was highly skeptical of him going into the draft. He would under normal situations be the Offensive Rookie of the Year but with that guy RG3 who went number 2 in the draft is having a ridiculously good season. With all the drama with Chuck Pagano and him having leukemia this team has played inspired and having an amazing season all around not just Luck. They will most likely finish this season 11-5 and get a mid to late first round pick and with that pick they should draft Corey Lemonier Defensive End from Auburn University.

3) Tennessee Titans- The Titans have their franchise qb in Jake Locker they Just lack consistent pieces around him. Cj2k can not or will not be the same running back consistently without a passing game that defenses respect. I don’t know if its the offensive coordinator or the teams philosophy but they have a young stud tight end he just wasn’t used often enough. They have a young nucleus of receivers but Kenny Britt seems not worth the trouble to me, he drops balls or just misses them. If I was the Titans I would try to trade Britt in the off season to acquire draft picks. They will probally finish 6-10 and get a top 8-13 draft pick. With that draft pick they should pick Johnathan Hankins Defensive Tackle from Ohio State.

4) Jacksonville Jaguars- This organization is in shambles especially with MJD being injured. They have MJD and a few rbs to pair with him. They drafted Blackmon this year and they have Cecil Shorts and Laurent Robinson. They just need a qb and neither Gabbert or Henne are the answer. What this team needs is a jump start. What I mean is go out and get Tim Tebow no matter what. He would help sell tickets(this would be home to him) and help win games. They could probably trade a 6th round for him or even Chad Henne. If they get Tebow I would put them right in contention in their divison and make the playoffs. Yes I said playoffs that’s how much he would help this team go from irrelevant to on the map again. They will finish 3-13 at best possibly 2-14 and get a top 2 draft pick and with that pick they should pick Star Lotulelei Defensive Tackle from Utah.

That’s the AFC South and next is the NFC South.

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