Week 15 NFL predictions

This is my predictions continued.

    Seahawks (8-5) @ Bills (5-8) at 4:05 p.m. – The Seahawks are having a lights out season on defense and rookie quarterback Russell Wilson is playing like a seasoned veteran. The Bills have been a better lately on defense but I still don’t trust them. The Seahawks are rolling and I think they will continue this week and win 17-6.

     Lions (4-9) @ Cardinals (4-9) at 4:05 – The Cardinals offense is so awful that even this Lions defense should have a field day. The Cardinals defense isn’t as bad as their rank would like to say. They are just on the field so much they are worn out. Stafford will be on the field a lot and should able to throw all day. This looks like it will be another long day for the Cardinals. Lion win 35-9 in another long and sad day. Card lose 10th straight.

    Panthers (4-9) @ Chargers (5-8) at 4:05 p.m. – The Panthers are playing very well lately with no turnovers by Cam in the last few games. The Chargers on the other hand have been such a disappointment this year after a great start they have just gave their season away. Ryan Matthews hasn’t been effective this year and Rivers has gave the ball away too many times. I have lost complete faith in the Chargers and the Panthers are hot which doesn’t bode well for the Chargers. I think Cam will run over this defense and lead them to victory over the Chargers 28-13.

   Steelers (7-6) @ Cowboys (7-6) at 4:25 p.m. –  Both these teams are fighting to stay alive in the playoff hunt, whoever loses is out of playoff contention. With Big Ben playing his 2nd game back after his injury. His first game wasn’t as good as he would like individually. The Cowboys are playing their second game since the drunk driving tragedy. The Cowboys are a up and down team and I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t show up. Design is hurt and you can’t be sure how effective his finger will be. I will take the Steelers winning this defensive battle 17-14. Ending the Cowboys Season.

    Chiefs (2-11) @ Raiders (3-10) at 4:25 p.m. – This is going be a ugly game if you like defense and maybe if you like offense. The KC Chiefs that came out 2 weeks ago against the Panthers are not the real Chiefs and will most likely show up today. The Raiders are not much better by they do have a legit quarterback in Carson Palmer. This could be a huge turnover game for both offenses. I have a sloppy game but Raiders win 17-9.




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