NFC West Side Story

   The NFC West is a defensive conference much like the AFC North, but what seperates them is the youth of the NFC West. The NFC West is made up of the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams.

   The Arizona Cardinals are 5-9 but started 4-0 and are 1-9 in the last 10. Their defense is actually pretty good its just on the field so much because their offense is probally the worst I’ve ever seen. I know they just put up 38 but I don’t care that was a fluke. Their only offensive threat is Larry Fitzgerald, too bad he can’t throw it to himself. The cupboard isn’t bare there either though they have some talent at the receiver position ( Fitz and Michael Floyd) and a young talented tight end in Rob Housler. They will most likely have the number 10 pick but they should not draft a quarterback. They should go after Tim Tebow if he is released or or trade for him. He would rejuvenate this franchise the way Kurt Warner did. With number 10 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft the Arizona Cardinals pick Jonathan Cooper

  The St. Louis Rams are 6-7-1 and undefeated in the NFC West with one game left in division (Seattle Seahawks) and play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next. The Rams are very raw on offense but have a very underrated defense.  Their main weakness is also their most valuable player Sam Bradford. You may think I’m crazy but hey from what I have seen he isn’t a franchise quarterback. If given enough time he is very accurate but if you pressure him he becomes inaccurate and easily bothered. Steven Jackson is not getting any younger and the end is growing closer. They need to grow their team in the draft and smart free agent pick ups. They will have two first round picks this year one will be around 16 and the other acquired from Washington Redskins last  year will be around the 27th pick. With their first the St. Louis Rams will pick Anthony Barr Outside Linebacker from UCLA. With the 27th pick in the NFL draft the St. Louis Rams select Sheldon Richardson Defensive Tackle from University of Missouri.

   Seattle Seahawks are 9-5 and are the NFLs hottest team the past few weeks. They have a great running back in Marshawn Lynch and potential rookie of the year Russell Wilson. Their defense has the best secondary in the NFL, a good pass rush and a good charismatic head coach in Pete Carroll. They are a young team but seem to be headed in the right direction on both sides of the ball. Marshawn Lynch has been the MVP of this team because without him defenses would not have to play the run so much and focus on Russell Wilson. They will have a very unfamiliar pick for them but they will have a late 20s pick in the draft. With that pick the Seattle Seahawks will select
Terrance Williams Wide Receiver from Baylor University.

   The San Francisco 49ers are 10-3-1 and are still trying to lock up their division. They have had some bad games in their division that may cost then the division. They for some reason they  play the Rams so badly and lost one and tied the other. They have a top 2 defense in my mind. They are a smash mouth football team first and offense secondly. Jim Harbough took over last year and this 49ers team hasn’t looked back. Their only weakness is the offensive scheme and a lack of a true receiver threat. They have a dual threat quarterback in Colin Kaepernick. They were in the NFC Championship last year and will most likely be playing in the NFC Champ. Game this year. They will most likely have a final 4 pick in the draft. With that pick the 49ers will select Tavon Austin Wide Receiver from West Virginia.

  That is the NFC West and in my opinion the Seahawks will catch the niners and win the NFC West.

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