Fire Sale Coming

      There are so many under performing teams this year that there should be many head coaching vacancies this off season. This is the first season in 5+ years that a coach wasn’t fired in the middle of a season. I am going to name the top 5 coaches that need to be let go at the end of the year.

5) Jim Schwartz- Jim has been with the Lions for 4 years now and even though this team went to the playoffs last year, they are very inconsistent. They have a solid front 7 on their defense, but their corners are very suspect. They have a young franchise quarterback in Matthew Stafford and the best wide receiver in the league in Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. The thing that best describes this team is undisciplined. They will at best win 5 games this year and that is unacceptable. Schwartz is a fiery and emotional leader, but at times that will cost them games.I think he is more of a defensive coordinator than a leader of men.

4) Chan Gailey- This just has not worked since he has been at Buffalo, they just have not been relevant. He has managed to win only 15 games in 3 years. Chan is a good offensive coordinator, but he just isn’t getting it done. The Bills are in the Pats division so you have to have a legit starting quarterback and Ryan Fitzpatrick is just not it. Chan isn’t the only one that needs to go the General Manager Buddy Nix needs to go with him.They seem to me to be the opposite Lions, instead of drafting receivers they have drafted 3 legit running backs instead of keeping Lynch or Jackson and drafting a defensive guy they just draft C.J. Spiller. It makes no sense to me.

3) Andy Reid- The only reason i don’t have him higher is because i feel stronger about the top 2 guys. This guy has been the head coach for the Eagles since 1999, he has been to 5 NFC Champ. game and is 1-4 in those games. You may be saying going to 5 NFC Champ. Games is really good, but he has only been to 1 since 2005. His Offensive scheme seems to be big plays or miss with Mike Vick and it has been more miss than hit. I believe he has over stayed his welcome. I don’t believe he is a great motivator or a mastermind. He was very lucky to have Jim Johnson be his defensive coordinator. Without Jim this defense just hasn’t been the same. Their are more deserving coaches out there, to me i need to see Andy be able to change the way he has been doing things these last few years.

2) Rex Ryan- This man has lied to everyone this year, he has lied to himself and to his team. He has become more bark than bite and is just a laughing stock. The Jets defense that was supposed to be a dominate one this year according to Rex is an average one. It was clear to everyone after the first few weeks that Mark Sanchez was not the answer, but he stuck by him and they are out of playoff contention for the second straight year. What makes this year different is that the Jets had a better QB on there team in Tim Tebow on their bench. After about the third week I thought that he would go to Tebow to save the season, but his foolish pride made him stick with Sanchez. Rex needs to be fired alongside Mike Tannenbaum the GM. This franchise is a joke at this point and needs to be put in new hands.

1) Norv Turner- He should of been fired for the past 3 years, but for some reason they keep giving him chances. These last two years are the epitome of why he should be gone. I would take Norv as a offensive coordinator any day and twice on Sunday, but as a Head Coach he is horrible let me repeat myself he is a horrible Head Coach. The Chargers have had some great teams and still lose year after year. He no longer should get the benefit of the doubt he has to be on the top of the list to be gone after this year. He is tied to Phillip Rivers and Rivers is just not a elite QB and never really has been. A disaster waiting to happen is what this team has been for years. The Chargers need to strip the house clean and start over from the top (GM A.J. Smith) to running back Ryan Matthews.

A few that just missed the list-

  1. Carolina Panthers H.C.-Ron Rivera

     2.  Arizona Cardinals H.C.- Ken Whisenhunt




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