The Top 5 QBs and Tight Ends this year

This is the top 5 lists in my opinion not necessarily the best stats. This involves all things that goes into being the best at their position.

Top 5 quarterbacks

1) Tom Brady- Most people tend to not give him his credit because he does it year in and year out. In my life he is the best quarterback I have ever seen. He was top 10 in all major categories. He has accounted for 38 tds and 10 turnovers this year. He guided his team to a 12-4 record this yea and AFC East title.

2)Aaron Rodgers- He is widely
Regarded as a top 2 quarterback with Tom Brady. His team started out slow but managed to regain focus and win the NFC North and the number 3 seed in the NFC. He had the highest Passer Rating while achieving the number QBR Rating.
He guided his team to a 11-5 record and a NFC North division title.

3) Peyton Manning- He has led his team from 8-8 and winning the division to 13-3 and a number 1 overall seed in the AFC. He his in the MVP race and come back player of the Year race. He leads the number 4 overall offense.

4) Drew Brees- He is my Offensive Player of the Year and if not for the turnovers he should be in the MVP race. He is the only quarterback to throw for 5000+ yards this season and only quarterback to throw 40+ td passes. Besides a couple unusual games he would be in the single digits or low teens in interceptions. He led his team to a number two overall offense but his teams defense just awful. Their 7-9 record would of been much worse without Brees. This team will not be in the playoffs this year but should be back next year.

5) RGIII- This Rookie has helped resurrect this franchise. He has been unreal how efficient he has been this year with the third best Passer Rating as a rookie! He has over 4000 total yards, 27 tds and 10 turnovers. He should win the Offensive Rookie of the Year. He has his team in the playoffs and may go deep into the playoffs.

Those are my top 5 QBs and here go my top 5 Tight Ends.

1) Jason Witten- He set the record for receptions in a single season for a tight end with 110. He is a dual threat and by that he is a good blocker and receiver. The only downfall to him is he only has 3 td receptions this year. He has some very good hands but to start the year he dropped a few balls.

2) Tony Gonzalez- The greatest tight end to ever play the game is still going strong at age 36. He had 93 catches for over 900 yards. Like Witten he is a blocker also which takes a little bit off his stats. He will look to win his first playoff game this year.

3) Jimmy Graham- He would be number 2 but he has had entirely too many drops. Some of his drops are due to him playing injured. He is more of a receiving tight end than the first two players. He is Drew Brees number 1 target and is a young talented player.

4) Heath Miller-Even though his season ended early he already had a career year in targets, receiving yards and receiving tds. His first priority is to block then he is a receiving target. I’m more impressed by him than anyone else because of his blocking ability. His season ended with a tore ACL and MCL. He will look to come back early next year.

5) Rob Gronkowski- He also had a sever injury this year with a broken forearm. He missed 5 games and yet he still had almost 800 yards and 11 td catches. If he would of played all year he would of easily been the best tight end. I look forward to seeing him in the playoffs and continue his dominance.

Those are the top 5 for Tight Ends and QBs.



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