Receivers flying high in 2012

     The 2012 season was a season to remember with so many records being broke. The season started off a little slow for the receivers, with no one receiver coming forward as the best. That all changed after the first few weeks of the season. This season their were many 1,000 yard receivers, but only a few stood out to me. I will give you my top 5 receivers of the 2012 season.


5) Reggie Wayne-

The 2012 Colts is easily the most heartfelt and remarkable season i can think of. With their head coach out most of the season, due to Leukemia, and a relatively young team. This could of been another lost season, if not for the leadership for Reggie Wayne. Reggie has been a hall of fame caliber player in his time with Peyton, but he was determined to prove all his critics wrong. He had a down year for his standards having only 960 yards receiving, while most people would give him a break on the lack of a QB i did not. I will admit i was hard on him last year, but only because of how much i respect him. He is on track to have a bust in Canton, but he will need two more good 1000+ yard seasons to reach 15k yards. He ended his 12th season with 1,355 yards and 5 touchdown catches.Wayne has developed a strong connection with Rookie QB Andrew Luck. I have a strong feeling that next year could be a breakout year, well as much a 12 year veteran can break out, and lead him into a number 2 all-time ranking. 2013 Predictions 95 catches, 1,200 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns.



4) Wes Welker-

Anyone that said that Wes is getting phased out of New England, because of his rocky season opener where he only had 5 targets, was dead wrong. Week 2 was back to the same ole, same ole being the best slot receiver in the game. Wes has become Tom Bradys’ security blanket since his arrival in 2007. If not for either a bad pass or a missed catch, depends on who you ask, they would be arguably the best Super Bowl duo. Wes easily catches 110 balls a year which is more impressive to me than a guy who is a just a deep threat/ big threat receiver. He holds the record for most 110 reception seasons with five. In his ninth year of his career, he accumulated 1,354  yards and six touchdowns, which is about his average since his Patriot career began. I believe the contract dispute will work its self out this off season. He deserves the money he gets, he just might not get it from the Patriots. My gut feeling is he gets a smaller contract from the Pats and he will take it. If he’s a Pat next year he will get 100 receptions for 1,298 receiving yards, if he is not a Pat he will get somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 catches for about 900 yards.


3) Brandon Marshall-

Brandon has been the best offensive weapon the Bears have had in years. He is a huge talent standing a remarkable 6’4″ tall and is easily the most important player on the Chicago Bears. As the only offensive option, he still managed to snag 118 balls while facing double coverage most of the season. His 1,508 receiving yards are 3rd best in the NFL and the 11 touchdowns are tied for fourth in the league. As a Bears fan, when we traded for Marshall I was so excited that we finally had a legit number 1 receiver, he could easily shatter all the receiving records that the Bears have. With his first year in Chicago over, Marshall looks to top his own Chicago Bear single season record of receptions and receiving yards next year. I believe he will have an even better year next year. I think he will manage to get 120 receptions for 1,900 receiving yards.



2)  Andre Johnson-

Andre had been injured most of the past two years with a nagging hamstring injury. I will be the first one to say, I lost faith that he could produce at the same level anymore. He had the potential to be an all-time great, but with four injury filled seasons in his career, his legacy will fall short of where it could and should of been. Andre was easily the most physically dominant receiver in the league for his first 5-6 years in the league. He is a prime example of a player that suffers injuries and it prohibits him from achieving the greatness he should’ve. As a Miami fan, Johnson has been one of the best offensive players to come from Miami in a long time. My heart says next year he will have another breakout year of around 1,300 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns or he could play 6 games and only get 500 receiving yards. At this point it’s really a crap shoot, I just hope that he has another breakout year.


1) Calvin “Megatron” Johnson-

“A man that is years ahead of the rest of his peers”,” a physical freak of nature.” Those  are just a few things said about the man, the legend, Megatron. He shattered the single season record of receiving yards, Jerry Rice was the previous record holder with 1,848 in 1995, with 1,964. Calvin Johnson often makes defenses look like he’s playing Madden, by making his defenders miss or just going through them. He has gradually improved his receptions and receiving yards over the last four years. Though his receiving yards were so great this year they could of been so much better. He was double or triple covered all year, given i never saw Jerry Rice play in his prime, it makes it the most impressive record breaking performance I’ve ever witnessed. I say he will at least repeat his performance next year, I have him eclipsing 2000 receiving yards, but only have 8 touchdowns.




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