My Sports Book readings

Hello, ladies and gentleman, it has been a little while since I last posted a blog. This is going to be a little bit different type of post then most people have been used to with me. I am going to give a review of the sports books I have been reading.


First Book: Finally Free from Michael Vick

I was looking forward to reading this autobiography about controversial NFL star Michael Vick. It was written well enough to keep me reading, but it was written entirely too biased. It seemed to me that he was constantly writing excuses into why he made the chooses he made in life. I had to quit reading it about halfway through book because it was just too much excuse making for ne personally so I would have to give this book a 2 star rating with a 5 star the best.


The Second Book: The War Room: The legacy of Bill Belichick and the Art of building the perfect team.

I have recently started reading this book yesterday and have been pleasantly surprised on how well written it is. The way it depicts how Belichick has had to overcome failures to eventually achieve greatness. I’m only 20% through the book and so far I have a whole new respect for him. He gives people a chance when other people wouldn’t. He’s thought process on running a team is unique and is thought to be crazy. I will update further when I finish the book.

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