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Let me start off by telling you that this is not me being a prisoner of the moment, but to all the Notre Dame fans you guys are just an AVERAGE program not ELITE. The Irish are on tv every week so they get a lot of love from the media, but every year they disappoint fans and themselves. This baffles me because they haven’t won a National Championship since 1988. Really? 1988, they still get top recruits and top recruit classes. Why? I could understand if they were a legitimate threat to win a BCS bowl every year but they aren’t. Since 1998, that’s win the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) was created, Notre Dame is 0-4 in BCS Bowls allowing an average of 39.5 points per game and only scoring an average of 14.25 points per game.Wow, that is not something you would expect from a great football school. Since the great Lou Holtz left the Irish in 1996, the Irish are 119-78 that’s ELITE no that’s a 65% win percentage. The history; all ND fans speak of is from 1918 to 1988 yes I realize that’s a huge time span. The Irish were the cream of the crop in that time span, but since then they have been every bit of average. If you want to say they produce talent then we can go there. Justin Tuck, Kyle Rudolph and Golden Tate are the only players in the last 7 years to have a big role for a NFL team. Joe Montana is one of the Most Successful player from Notre Dame, but he played in 1978! To bridge the gap of my thoughts, ND isn’t a huge NFL factory of talent like some other schools such as, Alabama, USC, Florida  and Miami. They may have won the second most National Championships, but they haven’t won one since 1988 that’s 24 long sad years. The next time you hear or want to say Notre Dame is an Elite Football College please remind them or yourself that they haven’t been ELITE in 20+ years. When you live in the past you eventually stay there and that’s what has happened to Notre Dame, they just can’t get out of the past.

rockne     Knute Rockne Notre Dame All-Time wins holdercc_montana    Joe Montana-Most Accomplished NFL player from Notre Dame

quinn Brady Quinn- All time Passing Leader in Notre Dame History

michael-floyd Michael Floyd- All Time Notre Dame Leader in Receiving Yards, Receptions and Receiving Touchdowns

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